26.08.2021 Autumn Course Urban Gardening, 19.15 - 21.15 Uhr, Zürich Europaallee

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CHF 65.00

Herbs - they smell good, are decorative and freshen up our meals. Join this course and learn more about herbs.

Better do not leave your garden empty. Learn more about what you can plant and sow in autumn in this course. Then we look a bit into the future: You get to know, which plants need protection in winter and how you do it properly. At the end, we plant together a planter which you can take home.

Content of this course:

  • Which vegetables can you grow through autumn and winter
  • How you harvest seeds from your vegetables 
  • Prepare your pot or plot-garden for winter


Date / Time:26.08.2021 / 19.15 – 21.15

Location: VEG and the City Store Zürich, Lagerstrasse 36-38, 8004 Zürich, Europaallee

Costs: 65 CHF per person incl. peat-free soil, biological seedlings and seeds

Language: English

To bring: a planter (balcony boxes, flower pot, rice bag, …)

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Price CHF 65.00
Kursort Zürich Europaallee (Store Zürich)
Kursmonat August
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