19.05.2021 Basic Course Urban Gardening, 18.30 - 21.30 Uhr, Zürich Europaallee

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You want to grow vegetables and herbs on your balcony, terrace or window-sill in the city? We show you how easy it can be!

In this 3-hour course we talk about the basics of Urban Gardening like preparation, planting and caretaking of the plants. Furthermore, you will create your own little Urban Garden, which you can take home after the course. This course is great for every hobby gardener or someone, who wants to become one.

Content of this course:

  • Basics of Urban Gardening
  • General Vegetable-Gardening knowledge: material, soil, different kinds of planters, use of space, sunlight, seeds vs. seedlings. Specific information about planting and care of vegetables and herbs in different seasons. What can you plant and do now?
  • Depending on the course date, some information will be adapted to the season and you will also plant seasonal vegetables.
  • Which types of vegetables are useful and also decorative for your balcony?
  • General tips on watering, sun exposure, fertilization, pests, emission, …

Location: VEG and the City Store Zürich, Lagerstrasse 36-38, 8004 Zürich, Europaallee

Costs: 95 CHF per person incl. peat-free soil, biological seedlings and seeds

Language: English

To bring: a planter (balcony boxes, flower pot, rice bag, …) that holds 5 litre soil.

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Price CHF 95.00
Kursort Zürich Europaallee (Store Zürich)
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