Planting Box

  • In April

    Sow indoors:

    * lettuce
    * winter leek, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower
    * the last tomatoes and pepers
    * cucumbers, pumpkin, courgette, bush beans
    * basil, savory, dill, parsley
    * nasturtium, garden snapdragon
    * sunflower

    Sow outside:

    * carrots, radishes, parsnip
    * spinach, rucola, cut and come again lettuce
    * cress
    * peas, sugar pea
    * marigold

    Plant outside (seedlings):

    * spring cabbage and kohlrabi (blue and white)
    * savoy
    * summer leek, onions and garlic
    * cauliflower, broccoli
    * chard
    * lettuce such as butterhead lettuce
    * Plant potatoes now!
    * perennial herbs

     Karotten  Radieschen Pflanze

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  • Strawberries, tomatoes and potatoes

    ErdbeersetzlingSpring officially arrived. This is now the starting point for urban gardeners to plant own vegetables on the balcony, the terrace or the small backyard garden. Here are a couple of useful tricks from VEG and the City to plant strawberries, tomatoes and potatoes.


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